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IN MY BODY a lifelong dancer, choreographer, and performance experimenter. A close partner with sound, silence, and word.  IN MY MIND a writer, a songwriter. All my effort and ear is bent, twanged toward overlapping arcs of listening and creating. The songs: others, mine, mine, others. I’m taught by them.  IN MY HANDS instruments, crafts to navigate, maps to decipher, landscapes and laboratories of unending allure and resonance. New loves, old loves. I’ve been dancing to them since day one. Now a brave, bewildered musician. I’m going deeper in.

  • September 23, 2017

    I head into the studio next weekend to begin….drum roll…a double album.

    I might be kidding, but I don’t think so.

    So happy to be working with recording engineer Gus Ziesing again, at Low Tech Studios on the Burlington waterfront. And also Ted Looby, who has brought magical sounds on electric guitar to my songs for the last couple years.

    There will be more personnel involved as we work through on some celestial song celebrations. Will keep you tuned.

  • Phantom Theater song & dance

    Music and dance – on the same program – at the beautiful Phantom Theater in Warren, VT.

    Next Tuesday-Wednesday July 24-25, I’ll be the outside music-and-dance entertainment act, both pre- and post show. The mighty musical talents of Ted Looby and Gus Ziesing will join me.

    Get to the Barn by 7:30pm! Bring blanket, chairs, snacks, picnic if you like.

    We’ll be on then, warming things up for excellent Vermont/Brooklyn choreographers Hanna Satterlee and Meghan Frederick, who start indoors at 8:00pm.

    And after the show – we’ll cool things down, send you dreaming off into the balmy Warren night that cloaks as it reveals, that holds as it pours –

    I’ve been so looking forward to this chance to do my music-with-dance show at Phantom, with Ted and Gus too – hope you can come see what we’ve been up to.

    An Evening of Dance

    From Brooklyn to Burlington

    Tuesday and Wednesday, July 24 – 25, 2017

    7:30PM Clare, Ted, and Gus – live music/dance outside

    8:00PM Hanna and Meghan – dance indoors

    Address and Directions to Phantom Theater:

  • strawberry time

    End of strawberry season…and good thing too! The music engagements are beginning to pile up thick on the horizon – July and August will be full of them, at home and abroad. Starting the month off with my monthly Acoustic brunch at Radio Bean. This Sunday July 9th 11:00AM – 12:30PM. I will be acoustic this month! But the fantastic Ted Looby will be joining me and electrifying things a bit.

  • Tweet!

    This weekend – artists work out their stuff over the current regime. White Witch is making an appearance.

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