Clare Byrne - Music & Dance

IN MY BODY a lifelong dancer, choreographer, and performance experimenter. A close partner with sound, silence, and word.  IN MY MIND a writer, a songwriter. All my effort and ear is bent, twanged toward overlapping arcs of listening and creating. The songs: others, mine, mine, others. I’m taught by them.  IN MY HANDS instruments, crafts to navigate, maps to decipher, landscapes and laboratories of unending allure and resonance. New loves, old loves. I’ve been dancing to them since day one. Now a brave, bewildered musician. I’m going deeper in.

No upcoming events.

  • reunion in the park

    It was so good to see some folks, live. And sing some songs. Here at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn with Dan Strauss, Nicholas Leichter, and Amy Larimer.

    I’m also starting classes, this week, part-time, at Yale Divinity School and the Institute of Sacred Music. I have always known I’d go back to school for a Masters in Religion – here I am doing a Masters in Religion and Music, to boot. It makes a lot of sense, of course, though truthfully it is as much of a gut impulse as anything else. In the greatest sense, I am waiting to see.

  • Second Saturdays, stay tuned

    Me and Celestials hope to be back at Nightingale’s Acoustic Cafe in Old Lyme, CT for Second Saturdays of the month…as soon as we can. Stay tuned.

  • VT music

    I no longer live in Vermont, but I get to experience it – be experienced – through all the friends there. And also through Tim Lewis, a truly original and amazing supporter of local music in Burlington…who seems to manage to be many places at once, taking in and reporting on the local music scene. He is an advocate in many ways – tune in to his Sounds of Burlington on WBKM every Thursday from 9:00 – 11:00PM. With Ryan Cohen at Robot Dog Studios in Williston, Tim records “live from the studio” a different VT artist each week. It’s a pretty tremendous record – and – he’s makes a record out of it! Here’s the 2019 edition. I’m proud to be a part of it.

  • The Egg & Emily

    this is one of my favorite performing events of the year! in beloved New London. And the literary topic this year is…drum roll…Emily Dickinson. While I am completely overwhelmed – this is my favorite poet – where to start? – I will be there with bells and other things on my toes.

    postcript…here I am, can you see the bells? The poem I danced was “I Envy”

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