Clare Byrne - Music & Dance

IN MY BODY a lifelong dancer, choreographer, and performance experimenter. A close partner with sound, silence, and word.  IN MY MIND a writer, a songwriter. All my effort and ear is bent, twanged toward overlapping arcs of listening and creating. The songs: others, mine, mine, others. I’m taught by them.  IN MY HANDS instruments, crafts to navigate, maps to decipher, landscapes and laboratories of unending allure and resonance. New loves, old loves. I’ve been dancing to them since day one. Now a brave, bewildered musician. I’m going deeper in.

No upcoming events.

  • Live at The Bitter End

    Hello NYC! This coming Thursday, the Mother be willing, The Celestials will amplify these august digs. Come and get it, 6:30PM sharp. With Amy Larimer, Nicholas Leichter, Dan Strauss, and special guests Tobias Ralph and John McFaul. See ticket info below, and bring proof of vax and mask.

    Original songs by yours truly, Dan Strauss, and some choice covers by Amy and Nick. 
    Please come! We would love to see you and have our people in the house. We think it may be the start of something special, and even just simply… a nice night.

  • June music residency at the Dragon’s Egg

    So happy to be back at the Dragon’s Egg for a summer music residency! And there will be a showing Saturday June 26, 2021 at 5:00PM. The first live performance in almost a year and a half. It feels incredible to be back.

  • Residency at the Dragon’s Egg

    This blessed charged space always gives me the courage to walk on along my path, though I don’t know what it is or where it leads. All hail to the vast, art-encouraging, nourishing spirits in The Dragon’s Egg and its vision-maintainers, Marya Ursin and Dan Potter.

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