I was in charge of a spring student showcase at UVM a few weeks ago, April 17th just as the weather was wavering on the edge of spring. It was a thin-threaded affair, time-wise – all of us, students, faculty, Bert Crosby, our amazing UVM technical director, guest artist Jennifer Monson –  working with limited rehearsal and materials. But the content ended up being really rich. A dance journey inside and out around Southwick Building on the Redstone Campus – two shows on a much-needed beautiful spring day with lots of sweetness, effort, and reward all mixed together. A process that’s come up a couple times this spring – of weaving disparate repertory dance pieces with a few ties into a coherent journey or narrative – it happened with Dance Tramp’s show at the Flynn too – is interesting, surprising. This one was not perfectly executed by any means – whatever perfect means – but a thoughtful experience for performers and audience. I was really proud of the students’ concept for this event – “ravelling” – naming the process of connective threads. I was really proud of the poster, which I conceived and Andy Aquino, amazing designer and office assistant at UVM, put together. It goes down as a site dance unto itself, changing the occupants’ – at least my –  perception of the site of Southwick, in some subtle sly way.

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