Remy, Dan, and Ted

Remy and Dan were here this Memorial Day weekend! Remy De Laroque and Dan Strauss, up for their yearly Vermont pilgrimage –  graced by Ted Looby,  Vermont musician, facilitator of all things musically generous, good, and fun. Ted’s group Secret Heliotropes played too. We played collaborative sets on Saturday at Radio Bean in Burlington, on Sunday at Monkey House in Winooski, and then a last-minute round robin sharing at The Light Club Lamp Shop in Burlington on Monday.  Beautiful to hear Remy and Dan’s songs and their craftsmanship in playing guitar together and harmonizing, to get to know Secret Heliotrope’s Jonathan Kissam’s songs, too, and to hear Ted contributing his inimitable apt guitar-ness to everything. For me and my songs, I received the gift of this amazing and insta-band fleshing them all out. What a scary, uplifting, joyful rush of an experience. I so appreciate the impromptu-ness, the intuition, trust, sharing and even the goofs that go on in these music gatherings. Feel really lucky to be a part of it.

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