As Chaos

Artistically, things appear out of the primordial pools, they bubble up in mysterious ways. I continue a clear impetus to disappear and appear, to continue to do all the things I’m doing, just to do them. Thus, appropriately, I got quite complimentary reviews from audience members as the role of Chaos in the opening scene of the Dragon’s Egg Metamorphosis Project, as conceived and directed by Marya Ursin and be-masked by Dan Potter. Emerging from darkness, wildly, unconsciously, unknowingly dancing. Dancing without knowing. I’m not surprised – this state of chaos, well, it feels like my natural state right now. It’s not bad, it’s not completely uncomfortable – or it vacillates between disturbance and equipoise. But I’m well, well aware that everything, everything within and around me is in flux. Oh, yes – it is that Queen Bee of July, high summertime disorientation, and even more; that time when I learn again and again that there is no loss – “there is only gain out of loss, over and over.”

The amazing Peter Cunningham took this photo of me as Chaos.

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