Winter in VT, Rose St. Coffeehouse

Saturday Feb 22: Ted Looby, Nicholas Leichter, and Dan Strauss will playing with me at a Rose Street Coffeehouse, along with Erica B from Daisy World.

Dragon’s Egg NYC

Marya Urson, wunderbar visionary & hatchling of the Dragon’s Egg, has assembled a NYC matinee revue, Saturday December 6th at 1:30PM at University Settlement on the Lower East Side.

Amy Larimer, Nicholas Leichter and I start our warm-up music act at 1:00 sharp! Other amazing acts to follow – Brynne Billingsley, Claire Porter, Ara Fitzgerald, Jason Rabin, The Raving Jaynes, SetGo, Greyzone, and Lesley Farlow.

Vermont Summer Sojourn

I head up to Burlington today for art-making with friends – rehearsing a new dance work with Paul Besaw – along with other VT luminaries Chong Ho Kim, Avi Waring, Willow Wonder, and Matt LaRocca. Come see what we are up to on Friday August 9 at 3:00pm at Cohen Hall at UVM. And will be performing with Ted Looby, Gus Ziesing, Nick Leichter, Patricia Julien, and Jom Hammack in two events Friday and Saturday – a Robot Dog Studio session with Tim Lewis and WBKM, and a patio gig, “Clare Byrne Song & Dance Summer Sojourn” – aptly named by Ted! – at The Double E in Essex Junction on Saturday August 10th at 6:30pm.

No upcoming events.