Vermont Summer Sojourn

I head up to Burlington today for art-making with friends – rehearsing a new dance work with Paul Besaw – along with other VT luminaries Chong Ho Kim, Avi Waring, Willow Wonder, and Matt LaRocca. Come see what we are up to on Friday August 9 at 3:00pm at Cohen Hall at UVM. And will be performing with Ted Looby, Gus Ziesing, Nick Leichter, Patricia Julien, and Jom Hammack in two events Friday and Saturday – a Robot Dog Studio session with Tim Lewis and WBKM, and a patio gig, “Clare Byrne Song & Dance Summer Sojourn” – aptly named by Ted! – at The Double E in Essex Junction on Saturday August 10th at 6:30pm.

Guilford, CT

Hello from Guilford, CT! My sister Monica helped me move in – on her birthday, no less! And I’m settling in to a new apartment, and enjoying new life in this beautiful town, including walks to the waterfront, the expansive green, and the amazing colonial architecture.

I’m also looking forward to a last couple events performing with the Elm City Ramblers, at the East Haven, CT Beach on July 24th, and at the Yale-Myers Forest Camp in Eastford, CT on July 28th. I have so enjoyed being a part of this amazing group of performers and people, and I know the friendships and collaborations will continue!

For Clare Byrne Song & Dance and Celestials: I’ll be doing a benefit show for the Berkshires Humane Society at Race Brook Lodge in Sheffield, MA on July 27th. And coming up in August: a radio/studio session with Tim Lewis and Ryan Cohen at Robot Dog Studios on August 9th, and a show at Double E in Essex Junction in Vermont with Ted Looby, Nicholas Leichter, and Gus Ziesing.

Brooklyn Celestials party

Oh to be back at Nick’s place – the first Brooklyn apartment lived in, in 1993, waiting to get my own place – now 2019 and sharing songs with friends – well – this was another off-the-charts special evening. Thank you to Amy Larimer, Rodrigo Alonzo, Dan Strauss for all the beautiful music – to friends who came and partook – and especially Nick for sharing his place!

EG Blues

I head to Brooklyn this weekend for a house party at Nick Leichter’s house, to celebrate Celestials – Nick, Amy Larimer, Rodrigo Alonzo, Dan Strauss, all old friends and collaborators for many years, will be singing with me. I look forward to seeing old friends! We’ll be singing songs from the album – including EG Blues – and Rod and Dan will be playing a few of their amazing tunes too.

Meanwhile the NYPD disciplinary trial of Daniel Panteleo, who killed Eric Garner in a chokehold, goes on at this time. Panteleo has been on desk duty for four years. The trial will determine whether he gets to keep his job or not. This makes for a heavy heart: such ongoing pain and injustice for Garner and his family – all going on in one of my hometowns, New York City.

No upcoming events.