Brooklyn Celestials party

Oh to be back at Nick’s place – the first Brooklyn apartment lived in, in 1993, waiting to get my own place – now 2019 and sharing songs with friends – well – this was another off-the-charts special evening. Thank you to Amy Larimer, Rodrigo Alonzo, Dan Strauss for all the beautiful music – to friends who came and partook – and especially Nick for sharing his place!

EG Blues

I head to Brooklyn this weekend for a house party at Nick Leichter’s house, to celebrate Celestials – Nick, Amy Larimer, Rodrigo Alonzo, Dan Strauss, all old friends and collaborators for many years, will be singing with me. I look forward to seeing old friends! We’ll be singing songs from the album – including EG Blues – and Rod and Dan will be playing a few of their amazing tunes too.

Meanwhile the NYPD disciplinary trial of Daniel Panteleo, who killed Eric Garner in a chokehold, goes on at this time. Panteleo has been on desk duty for four years. The trial will determine whether he gets to keep his job or not. This makes for a heavy heart: such ongoing pain and injustice for Garner and his family – all going on in one of my hometowns, New York City.


Still feeling a bit dreamy about the Rose Street Celestials instant-orchestra party. Here’s a dreamy picture of Patricia and Nick before the show by Alec Julien.

VT Celestials party

A night to remember: I moved by the Vermont Celestials party. The Rose Street Artists’ Cooperative Gallery was cozy and festive, and it was totally amazing to hear the Celestials songs with Patricia Julien, Jom Hammack, Nicholas Leichter, Dani Hill, Gus Ziesing, and Ted Looby adding textures and layers and beautiful synchronicities and voices. So nice to see my Vermont people. Thank you all.

April 24th

Today Celestials is released online. It’s right here!

It is also the birthday of my beloved aunt, Laura Louise Tietjen Wysong, born in 1951, who left us oh! too soon – this past August 13th. Aunt, sister, wife, writer, gift-giver, gardener, spirit-seeker, meditator, bold performer. Her strength and determination. Her earthy humor, her wit. Her rapier-sharp inquisitive mind. Her unfathomable empathy, generosity, compassion, beyond all. She is so missed! But her radiant presence is felt, everywhere. She is here.

A picture of gardener Laura, from sister Monica’s All Saints ancestor feast table. I hold Laura’s reflection in my mind.

Celestials comes to Rose Street

In about a week… Celestials debuts live! I’ll be driving up to Vermont with Nicholas Leichter from NYC. We’ll play on Saturday night April 27 at the Rose Street Artists’ Cooperative and Gallery, 78 Rose Street, Burlington. I’m really happy to do the first digital release party for Celestials there – it’s a great art and friend spot! I had my goodbye to VT party back in August. It’s a special spot. Patricia Julien, Jom Hammack, Danielle Hill, and at least some of Dance Tramp (Paul Besaw, Chong Ho Kim, and Selene Colburn) will be stepping in to play songs from the album. And of course, these two amazing guys who have created this album with me – Gus Ziesing of Low Tech Studios on drums, and Ted Looby, the multi-guitarist extraordinaire…

Celestials is…


…and here: at not one, not two, but three album release events.

Here’s the first:

Saturday April 27 7:00pm: Rose Street Artists’ Coop and Gallery, 78 Rose Street, Burlington, Vermont.

Celestials update

…the double album is coming out this spring. Mixing and mastering finished with Gus Ziesing at Low Tech Studios. It will be vinyl! Pressing to commence at Burlington Record Plant. Alec Julien is designing the cover with photos by Hiroyuki Ito. Release events in three states! – in April, May, and June.

music with Dan

I’ll be playing some songs with lovely friend and New York singer-songwriter Dan Strauss up in the Berkshires Friday February 22nd – so happy for some song-time and some cozy- winter-lodge-time in the woods! Always wonderful to share the stage with Dan.

No upcoming events.