chthonic egg

Beautiful to spend time at The Dragon’s Egg developing first inklings of a new dance work, with the working title “chthonic.” It was a cold few days outside; we gazed out on the starkly barren Connecticut fields and forest lands –  but in the Egg, all was warm, full of life, full of creativity. Lovely to work with a newly assembled group of Vermont dancers – Avi Waring, Marc Wennberg, and Bridget Wheeler – as well as Vermont musician and composer Randal Pierce, who was composing on the spot as we tried out movement material.

So grateful to be in the space with its march of light and shadow – its levity, depth, color, joy and silence – in the swing of light and dark –  at this time of year. And to work out some primal energies! Chthonic-ly, we ran, rolled, rumbled and resounded.

So helpful to show some material to a small wonderfully receptive audience on the last night, get great feedback –  and then end with a truly stupendous feast at Marya Ursin’s and Dan Potter’s house in Stonington. Thank you, Marya and Dan.

A last tag-note: please send healing and restorative energy to Dan, who just lost his work studio in a fire on Dec 27th. Thinking of you and sending love, Dan!

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