dance tramp at flynnspace

Beautiful to have┬ádear and amazingly talented friend Nick Leichter here for the Dance Tramp Show at Flynnspace this past week. Here is Nick – with impeccable hand position – working the keyboards for the pre-show music. Great to have Jom Hammack, Dave Clark, Julie Peoples-Clark, and Chong-Ho Kim in on that little burst of music-making too – pure fun and joy.

Was great to be at Flynnspace, creating work with the Dance Tramp camp: Selene Colburn, Paul Besaw, Paula Higa, Marly Spieser-Schneider, Avi Waring, Tierney Munger, Tracy Martin and  Stefan Jacobs who both created our lighting design and managed the space. As Selene says, this is dance family.

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