downhill dance

One week ago, I got to perform in a new dance theater piece by Avi Waring as part of the Puppets In Education Dance Benefit – a formidable coalition undertaken out of charitable chutzpah, or chutzpathic charity, by mistress of organization and belly dancer extraordinaire Sarah Vogelsang-Card. So many different kinds of dance all in one evening! Thank you very much. Working with Avi on this piece is – too much fun to be allowed – and, like snowboarding downhill straight into a new and outrageously ribald universe. And you know me…well yes, even I am wondrous! Here we are at rehearsal: Avi, Willow Wonder, and Maura Gahan in the presence of the “Trunk” out of which all Pandora arises – at Polly Motley’s studio in Stowe. (We do, in fact, basically sled to get to this studio. Dance in Vermont – gotta love it.)