Good to be here

Ireland: good to be here. Green, green on walks at dusk. Getting somewhere with the Song and Dance Man project. I’m rather surprised: I seem to be making songs and dances. Have a bunch of stuff I will keep pursuing, though not sure what I think about it. But – doesn’t matter at this point – time to just make, just do do do. Looking forward to showing what I’ve got thus far as part of an open house here at Greywood Arts this Saturday. If you are in the neighborhood, come by – tea and goodies will be served, and the impressive ongoing vision of this place will be on first and full display. I’m loving being here in every way.

Went to see a singer-songwriter in Cobh last week, Loah –  talented artist of Irish-Sierra Leone descent. Genuine, generous, beautiful songs. She had a wonderful presence and performed impeccably. Complex, multi-influenced, Joni-Mitchell-like songs. An intimate show at the Sirius Center in Cobh –  old yacht club turned art gallery right on the bay with steps leading down to dark cold tossing waves and a huge expanse of water, in which the Titanic last ported. The sea! The Irish sea. I thought – “where I am now is why I want to stand looking out on New England coasts in the first place “-  to feel for this place, across the ocean. Big and toss-y this sea, with a full-ish moon radiating it out the big windows of the Sirius Center. Cobh –  just my kind of place, a nitty gritty seaport town, a slightly squalid fun town. All the streets fan up steep hills from the harbor, tiny cobblestone streets, with a huge cathedral nestled in the middle. It’s lit up at night with a clock tower presiding over the wharf and pub scene below. I smile here in Ireland walking here alone – backroads, towns and cities. I like being invisible, hidden in journey, seeing the fronts and backs of places, and people being themselves.

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