song weavers

So great to play music with Dan Strauss, Ted Looby, and Remy de Laroque this past week at Monkey House in Winooski and Bees Knees in Morrissville.  It was a treat to hear live their awesome, soul-stirring songs, witness the camaraderie and collaboration among them – it’s a special thing to hear a group of musicians who have been playing together for years. Also mind-blowing to hear a few of my songs getting an instant full-band treatment. I’ve so rarely had this experience, this pleasure, that it was both electrifying and disorienting – in a good way! Dan, Ted, and Remy approach the songs with both tact and authority, easily and instantly trade instruments as they hear what needs to happen. And – they are helpful, supportive, relaxed. But among all the things I appreciated, it was the magical group listening that evidenced in a kind of flow, a knit, a soulful rhythm that wove the audience in, particularly the second night at the Bees Knees. To be even a small part of that “group speak” – I guess that’s a band! – was amazing. I didn’t want it to end.