white blaze

White paint keeps coming back for me. I used a huge spiral of it on the floor a long time ago in my dance suite Sugar Cain, to create the Land of Nod. Ara Fitzgerald and I have duo-ed with white face paint and full skirts and corsets in Pilgrimage.  Here I am at the Dragon’s Egg in Ledyard CT as part of Marya Ursins’ “Quixotic Dream: The Don Quixote Project” , appearing  for the second time as  “The Ghost of Rocinante” – a new horsey ballet solo I am developing. The week before I showed it at The Rose Street Coop in Burlington as part of Jamie Kaplan’s Hoodoo Voodoo. I am struck by how much the attributes and circumstances of venues and events greatly shape the work. I had an idea for a ballet solo and now it seems to be done by a ghostly horse – Don Quixote’s, in fact – with a white blaze on his face. That marking may even make its way into my music this week at Radio Bean – Monday Nov 23 at 7:00pm and Sunday Nov 29 brunch at 11:00am.

Strangely, my White Witch –  alter-ego character – has never appeared in it, but she may soon. Here she is in 2010, telling me it was time to get a guitar.


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